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Private Hip Surgery for Canadians

Continuous orthopaedic care without the wait

Private Hip Surgery is now an option for Canadians

Canadians wishing to pursue private hip resurfacing and hip replacements now have an option to have a local surgeon perform their surgery out of province and then provide the follow-up care. Dr. MacKenzie offers private hip surgery to Canadians.

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Dr. Jim Mackenzie has extensive experience in providing Hip Resurfacing (Birmingham Hip), Hip Replacements, and Partial and Total Knee replacements. He has considerable experience in providing Surgical tourism care. This service is now available for Albertans willing to travel and pay for this service. 

He is now able to provide this care to Albertans willing to pay for this service and willing to travel out of the province to access this option. 

Avoid the long wait times in the public system and access the care you need with minimal delay. 


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Hip Surgeries

Hip arthritis leads to pain and disability. Nonsurgical treatments are meant to decrease pain and/or to allow someone to do more of their normal activities, while surgical treatment is more permanent.

About Private Surgery

Canadians willing to pay for care are able to avoid the long wait times in the public system. Surgery is performed out-of-province and post-operative care is provided back in Alberta.

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Initial consultation and assessment in Alberta or through virtual consultation

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Travel out of your home province to receive surgical care from Dr. MacKenzie

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Receive surgical care and post-operative attention from Dr. MacKenzie

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Return home and receive follow-up care from Dr. MacKenzie (in person or virtually)

News & Publications

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First Polymotion® Hip Resurfacing Procedure in Ontario

Dr. MacKenzie was recently a collaborator on the first PHR® procedure in Ontario, Canada last month. [Read More]

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